Blue Jay Coloring Page

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Narixa – Short Film by The Emigrated Movement

Narixa is a short dance film based on the beautiful natural element of water. Shot in the ‘Río Chillar’, Nerja it explores the waters journey from spring to sea. Through dance and cinematography we analyse the waters relationship with both the human body and its natural environment. What starts as a pure and unpredictable moment can soon become a one-directional movement.

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Blackburns Bluet Coloring Page

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In Dance Movement Therapy sometimes we work with the idea of resiliency.

Resiliency ….. What does it mean to be resilient? Bounce back, bounce off of, withstand, remain standing. Is it a part of our hereditary, our inborn temperament? Perhaps it’s a positive self concept. An ability to remember the past, live in the present, and look to the future.

Could it also involve hitting rock bottom, being aware of limitations, seeking support? Perhaps it’s a mentor, a will to live, a focus on healing.

Could it be that resiliency is a connection with spirituality, a commitment to listen to others, a willingness to be truthful?

One thing is certain that resiliency is different for everyone, with some commonality mixed in here and there.

As a child, I found/rediscovered resiliency outside moving, often in my favorite tree.

A tree stands alone
Wind rustles leaves together
We sway arm in branch

As an adult, I have found resiliency many places and many ways. Often, in combining the practice of creative movement, tai chi and hatha yoga, something I first learned to do  in a Creative Dance Class in 1983. Something that I teach/guide individuals and groups to do whenever I can.

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American short hair Cat Coloring Page

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Watching Birds, Trees is Good for Mental Health

According to a study led by University of Exeter researcher Daniel Cox, people living in neighborhoods with more birds, shrubs and trees are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress.

Dr. Cox and his colleagues from the University of Maryland, the University of Queensland in Australia, the British Trust for Ornithology and the University of Exeter in the UK, surveyed mental health in 263 people from different ages, incomes and ethnicities.

“All the participants lived within the urban limits of the so-called ‘Cranfield triangle,’ a region in southern England, UK, comprising the three adjacent towns of Milton Keynes, Luton, and Bedford,” the researchers said.

They found benefits for mental health of being able to see birds, shrubs and trees around the home, whether people lived in urban or more leafy suburban neighborhoods. They also found that those who spent less time out of doors than usual in the previous week were more likely to report they were anxious or depressed. MORE

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Mountain laurel Coloring Page

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