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Coloring Page Chow Chow

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Transcending addiction and redefining recovery: Jacki Hillios

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Movement therapy helps young kids

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I have been teaching anger management groups for a while using a combination of psycho-educational and process oriented techniques. For recovery groups anger is often listed in the top 5 reasons people report relapsing. One of the successful techniques of managing anger and other emotions is to identify you go to mode of thinking. Below is 1 hand out I often use. We go over the and out, and I ask folks to chose their one or two go to thinking styles and give examples in relation to anger. 1510499_10152095399702618_1945865276_n


All or nothing thinking

  • Be specific, focus on the behavior only and describe it with precision

Jumping to conclusions

  • Pay attention and catch yourself making the assumptions
  • Keep an open mind to other possibilities

Should statements

  • Describe what you want or would like. Then if it doesn’t happen you

can be frustrated/disappointed but less likely to feel righteous anger


  • Forget the other person, they’re not going to do anything different


  • Don’t make judgments about the other person


  • Make a conscious effort to look for exceptions


  • How bad is it really? Look at the whole picture
  • Be very accurate & precise in your answermsclip-010.jpg
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Papillon-Coloring Page


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open to new

Our lives can be filled with creative moments, whatever we do, as long as we’re flexible and open to new possibilities—willing to push beyond routine. The everyday expression of creativity often takes the form of trying out a new approach to a familiar dilemma. Yet half the world still thinks of creativity as a mysterious quality that the other half has. Research suggests, however, that everyone is capable of tapping into his or her creative spirit. We don’t just mean getting better ideas; we’re talking about a kind of general awareness that leads to greater enjoyment of your work and the people in your life: a spirit that can improve collaboration and communication with others. 10592976_10152287749088297_8443236557500078382_n.jpg

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